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Hi there

We are June and Kat

We've been friends for over 10 years since we met at university.

We both struggled with stress & self confidence in the past and we noticed a lot of people around us were facing the same issues. However, no one really knew how to tackle the negatively related feelings on a daily basis.

There is so much out there to proactively work on your mental well-being, but it is so difficult to adopt daily habits that help you feel better.

COVID made things even more difficult, so we decided to take action.

Kat about June

"June is the biggest mental well-being enthusiast you will ever meet!

When I had some very stressful periods at work, she was always the one cheering me up. Whether it was to do a happy dance or give each other a warm hug.
She feels what people need, and she fills a room with sunshine.

June will be the voice you hear every day and the creator behind the exercises.
She also built this amazing website and helped in creating the branding."

Founder June
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June about Kat

"Kat loves habits, she wakes up every morning at 6am. She is passionate about building routines for herself and for people around her.

She cares about people, but also always keeps the planet aspect in mind.
Sustainability is one of her key values and she is always thinking about how to make Peppl. more sustainable.

Kat takes care of operations, making sure all products get at your homes in the most sustainable way: from product, packaging until delivery."

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A best friend by your side every day

Stress & low confidence are not a battle to fight by yourself.

Peppl. is like a best friend at times when you need it. Whether it is to remind you to take a breather, how awesome you are or to give you an energy boost.

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to your amazing self 

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notice your mindset shift

Because it is so easy to adopt this new habit, you'll notice a difference in your mindset after a few days already

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