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by purchasing one of the participating products of our partners (at no additional cost) you can start rocking your healthy mind habits!

Peppl. collaborates with brands who care about the planet and people as much as we do. These brands strive to reduce their environmental impact and increase their societal impact by being an advocate of self acceptance, promoting natural beauty over unattainable beauty standards.

happy skin, happy mind

The QR codes are available on the mentioned partner's products

Once you've got your Peppl. x  partner product (at additional cost!), you are ready for your moment of physical and mental self care.

Just before starting your skin or body care routine, you scan the Peppl. QR code on your product, which opens up the Peppl. app with the audio exercise of the day.

While performing your routine, you listen to your short daily exercise of only 3 to 6 minutes.

The audio exercises are based on scientifically proven methods and designed to work on your self confidence and body image, turning your skin or body care routine into a moment of physical and mental well-being.

Peppl. x Alchimie

A few years ago Anda started Alchimie’s skin coaching sessions to be able to offer people tailored advice, tips and tricks to give them back the control over your their own beauty.
To spread the love for self care they launched their own line of high performance, all natural skin care products. Alchimie's mission is to help you find your true self love through rituals and micro moments of self indulgence.

what better way to make your skincare routine a moment of self love than by pairing it with your daily Peppl. exercise?

discover the Alchimie collab

Peppl x Alchimie products

fresh start cleansing milk

a fresh start for a new you

day dream face cream 

spread some love on that gorgeous face

rise & shine serum

a youth elixer for a rejuvenated skin and mind

morning mist tonic

fresh skin and mind throughout the entire day

Peppl. x Makesenz

True to its philosophy, the Belgian skincare brand Makesenz wanted to go one step further for the well-being of its customers.
Which is why the Peppl. exercises are the perfect addition to the Makesenz skincare products. Combining the two allows clients to feel good about themselves, inside and out. The quality natural skincare in combination with a mental confidence boost is the perfect recipe for an immediate glow! 

Discover the participating Makesenz products on which you can find the Peppl. QR code


Peppl. x Makesenz products

Committed to healthy and authentic beauty, Makesenz improves the condition of the skin and respects health and the environment. Their values of naturalness, simplicity & pleasure and motto "Less is more" are the pillars of their commitment. All MakeSenz products are designed to be effective while simplifying your daily life.

Their locally manufactured range is certified vegan, organic (with at least 98% of ingredients of natural origin) and labeled 'slow cosmetics'.

cleansing balm

clean your face, clean your mind

body milk

care for your body while caring for your mind

wellness body ritual box

a ritual dedicated to feeling great about your body