diving deeper into your healthy mind habits - chapter I

have you ever taken yourself out on a date?

hi badass,

Welcome to your safe space. You’re looking pretty good today, if I may say so.

Today I decided to go out to a restaurant by myself but, of course, just my luck, I was the only single person there. Couples all around me flooded the place. Going out to eat by yourself is pretty intimidating. Feeling that all eyes are on you and assuming that people around you think that you are a loser with no friends.

However, after my meal, I felt an incredible weight lift off my shoulders. Doing something I was so embarrassed of before, made me realize one thing: nobody cares. After long reflection I thought to myself: why should I be embarrassed? I enjoy my own company, I’m funnier than most. Why not date myself?

Spending time by yourself gives you time to relax and be self-aware of your feelings and your surroundings. It can stimulate your creativity by allowing your mind to wander off without having to explain to anyone why you have ‘zoned out’ (and honestly who doesn’t want to imagine their celebrity crush saving them).

Being with somebody else could mean that you feel the urge to accommodate the other person’s desires. Sometimes self-care can look like ordering whatever you want, watching whatever you want, and practicing self-care rituals that you may have previously neglected. Learning to enjoy your own company fosters an environment that gives you a place to grow independently. This is an opportunity to learn new skills and handle situations on your own without leaning on somebody else.

Being by yourself and appreciating your own company can be an enlightening experience. You begin to learn new things about yourself, you focus on your likes and dislikes and to take care of yourself in ways that used to be out of your comfort zone. 

Take yourself out on a date because you’re effin’ awesome and intelligent and nobody compares to the unique company that you are.

Have a badass day my beautiful friend,

Your friend from Peppl. who isn’t afraid to go out to dinner by herself,