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giveaway with

welcome to the Peppl. x Decléor wellbeing experience

your mental well being matters, that's why Decléor chose to collaborate with Peppl. and help you rock your healthy mind habits 💥  

what do you get?

1 Decléor Neroli Bigarade Serum sample, an essential oils-serum sample made of 99% natural origin ingredients, (worth 140 DKK) access to the Peppl. app with daily self confidence exercises

how does it work?

by scanning the QR code on your serum, you can start your daily exercises for self confidence or Decléor face workout while applying essential oil serum


the QR code on your Decléor Aromessence serum which opens the Peppl. app


to your daily Peppl. self confidence exercise or Face workout tutorial during your skincare routine


the exercises are based on scientifically proven techniques to help you work on self confidence


your physical self care moment becomes a mental self care routine to look forward to 

the Peppl. app

 can't find the time to work on your mental well-being?
or are you looking for an extra confidence boost? meet Peppl.

our mission is to help you create healthy mind habits thanks to its daily self-confidence boost coaching exercises, based on scientifically proven techniques, your routine becomes a moment of physical and mental selfcare ✨
next to the instant mood boosting effects of the exercises, you are creating a new habit without taking extra time out of your dayby performing the short 3 to 6 min exercises every day, you are becoming aware of and changing the narrative of your mind chatteryou rewire your brain to - become more aware of negative thought patterns & stress - improve your self-image- value yourself morenot just during these short exercises, but throughout your day long term

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Peppl. application well-beeing

the Aromessence Neroli Bigarade

Made of powerful essential oils of Neroli Bigarade, the Decléor Aromessence is a must have for your morning or night routine! 🍃

the Aromessence Neroli Bigarade

The Néroli Bigarade Aromessence Essential Oil Serum by Decléor is a face serum formulated with 99% natural origin ingredients. It is designed to provide long-lasting hydration and reduce feelings of tightness. By delivering a boost of hydration and freshness to the skin, your face appears plumped and more comfortable.