lower your stress
boost your self-confidence

in just a few minutes a day
no extra effort.

Try out one day of the Peppl. experience

our exercises are based on scientifically proven techniques from neuroscience, psychology, meditation, mindfulness, ...
presented in a fun way to make rocking your healthy mind habits easy.

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How does it work?


 You will receive your Peppl. QR sticker to stick to an object that is part of a daily routine of yours.

Some inspiration:  onto your mirror for when you get dressed, your day or night cream, your coffee machine or favourite tea mug, your water bottle, your night stand lamp… 


the QR when you start your routine.
Your daily exercise of 3-6 min starts playing.

This will be your moment to take care of your mind.


to the exercise of the day while performing your routine.

You are a total badass for working on yourself


for 21 days or longer.

Repitition is key for a happy mind.

Studies found that, since COVID19, not only stress went up, but also body image & self-confidence went down

96%  of people want to make changes and work on their mental well-being,
but have no idea how to work on this or don't stick with it for longer than 3 days.

Creating new habits is 

We know, because we’ve been there.

So what if you were able to turn a simple daily routine you already do into a self-care moment?

Without taking any extra time out of your day.



to reduce your stress &
boost your self confidence 


minutes per day

no need to take extra time out of your day


times a day

morning and/or evening
you choose

the power of this healthy mind habit

Next to the instant mood booster or stress reliever effects of the exercises, you are creating a new habit without taking extra time out of your day

By performing the short exercises every day, you are changing the narrative of that negative or stressed voice in your head.

You rewire your brain to
- become more aware of negative thought patterns & stress
- improve your self-image
- value yourself more
- cope with stress

Not just during these short exercises, but throughout your day long term

rock your healthy mind habits

Our mission is to help you create healthy habits

When gifting a Peppl. routine to a loved one or yourself, you're giving the ultimate self care gift.

You or your loved one will be guided for 21 days by short, daily exercises while you are performing your personal routine.

No need to take out extra time to work on your mental well-being!

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