the social media impact on our well–being

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hi badass,

Welcome to your safe space.

Did you gush over your favorite influencer’s Instagram post today? We know, we did. Currently, social media has become the dominant way of portraying ourselves and thinking about others. Social media creators know what techniques to use in order to get us hooked and always strive to create new upgrades which aim to further increase our social media dependence.

With a vast majority of platforms focusing on attracting a younger audience (we really do regret our Instagram posts from when we were 15), it is important to highlight the impact social media usage is having on us and the generations to come.
As a generation that has grown up using social media and has experienced its beauty, as well as its beasts, we want to share with you our likes and dislikes of social networks.


staying in touch

Despite being located in different parts of the world, social media always keeps us connected to our loved ones. Traveling to distant places or living abroad doesn’t seem so daunting anymore, as we can always rely on social networks to maintain our relationships with frequent messages and calls.
Social media facilitates communication and gives us the opportunity to step out of our bubble and discover the world fearlessly. You too can be Mr. Worldwide! (* insert song Hotel Room Service*).

sense of community

Social media platforms collect people from all around the world and allow them to connect with each other based on their similar interests. The formation of communities promotes social motivation and gives individuals a place to seek guidance, help, and support. Finding your people can foster new relationships and aid your personal growth and fulfillment.


Anonymously sharing your art, your writings, or your ideas is something social media gives you the space to do. No more emailing publishers and longing for a reply, no more sitting in an empty gallery waiting for people to come and no more depending on others for recognition of your own work. Expressing yourself and your art online allows you to put yourself out there without waiting for someone else to do it for you.



Giving people a platform where they can share their opinions anonymously behind a screen has also created a new form of harassment. Cyberbullying. At the end of the day, bullying in classrooms and workplaces usually stops. However, cyberbullies continue to harass their victims leaving them without a safe space.

comparing yourself

Seeing your favorite influencer posting their latest ‘fit pic’ wishing you looked like them. A feeling we know too well. However, we tend to forget that a vast majority of images on social media have been enhanced, whether with Photoshop or a filter. Influencers tend to alter their images in order to appeal to the general public. This results in insecurity in people, where they begin to set unrealistic expectations for themselves causing a severe drop in their self-esteem.

the ideal life

Social media users, specifically influencers, always seem to eat healthy, look their best, and go on expensive holidays. But is this their reality? Social media posts and stories are just a small chunk of a person’s daily life. These pictures are perfected and posted, sometimes even taken from the internet, with the intention of being perceived as the ‘ideal’. What we see isn’t always the reality.

Everything seen on these social media platforms should be taken with a grain of salt. The initial idea of social media was to post about yourself and your life, but recently many people have begun to use it as a way of income, a method to promote products, leaving the authenticity of the intention behind the posts to be almost non-existent. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: NOBODY IS PERFECT.

It’s okay for you to not be on holiday, not to have clear skin, and not to look like someone from the Kardashian clan.You are real. You are authentic. And you deserve to rave on over yourself because you are a badass!

Have a badass day!

From your not so Kardashian looking friend, Dora