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Peppl. sticker

Peppl. sticker

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by ordering the Peppl. program (currently for FREE for a limited period in time!), you receive a card and the Peppl. QR code sticker to gift to someone else or yourself to work on those healthy mind habits

pick an object that is part of your skin or body care routine* to stick the Peppl. sticker to for your daily Peppl. moment and follow these 4 easy steps:

SCAN the Peppl. QR code on your product, right before you're about to perform your routine, to open the Peppl. exercise of the day in the app.

LISTEN to your 3 to 6 min audio exercise while performing your skin or body care routine.

RAVE the exercises are based on scientifically proven techniques to help you work on self-confidence and body image.

REPEAT your physical self-care moment becomes a mental self-care routine to look forward to.

*The exercises are made to listen to during a skin or body care routine, but you have the freedom to choose where and when you want to create your healthy mind habit.
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