Peppl. where you want

Peppl. where you want

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Hard to find a moment in your day to take care of your mind?

Then "Peppl. where you want" is for you!



By purchasing the Peppl. program, you receive a card and the Peppl. QR code to gift to someone or to turn yourself into a mental well-being badass.

You have the freedom to choose where and when you want to create your healthy mind habit.

Stick it onto your mirror? Your coffee machine? Your night stand? Your bathtub? Your water bottle? You choose!

Pick an object that is part of your routine and you will stick to when 

By viewing the QR code on your object of choice, you get a visual reminder to scan. When you scan, your Peppl. exercise of the day becomes available.

Every day, for 21 days, you get a new exercise that helps you to reduce stress & build self image.


Nourishes, calms and centers the mind for more self confidence and less stress. Thanks to the exercises, you routine becomes a "me moment".


By purchasing the 21 day program, you get one month for free when we launch our new app!